BIG IS ACCEPTING BOOKS 24/7! A drop off shed is available at 451 Defense Hwy Unit B

Guidelines for Book Requests

Shipment Requirements & Sorting

Books for International Goodwill is always looking for recipients who can effectively handle a shipment of 20,000 books in a container.

We sort books for condition and into broad categories

Mixed Shipments

 Our storage and supply chain constraints require sending mixed shipments. We can generally guarantee 30% in one category. We encourage recipients to develop distribution procedures for the books they can not use. A number of our recipients simply place all books into a large area (gymnasium, dining hall, etc.) and invite local schools and libraries in to pick what they want. It is a nice community service.

Where do we ship?

While we prefer to ship directly to a Rotary Club for distribution, we will work with an established school, library or social welfare agency.  We ask the recipient to: 

  • Cover inland shipping & distribution
  • Outline the needs (types of books they most need)
  • Develop a distribution plan
  • Assure us of their ability to clear a container through customs
  • Provide a brief follow-up report, preferably with pictures


 We expect a minimum of $500 toward shipping up front. 

The lead time for a large shipment is approximately 3 months

Past shipments include: The Gambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and many others!