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Upcoming Book Sales will be on

June 11th, July 23rd, and September 17th.

B.I.G. continues accept book of all kinds,
especially texts and children's books.

Volunteers are still needed on the 2nd and
4th Saturdays of each month from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Individual drop in volunteers are welcome.
For groups, see How to help B.I.G. For directions, click here.


B.I.G. provides services for recycling books discarded by current owners and putting them in the hands of new users.


B.I.G. will be the provider-of-choice in the Annapolis area for: receiving books being discarded by current owners; identifying requirements for books by groups both domestic and international which have limited resources for acquiring books; sorting and building shipments based on requirements; shipping to needy groups for delivery to end users, and conducting book sales to provide revenue to meet expenses as well as putting books in the hands of new users on an individual basis.



The Parole Rotary Books for International Goodwill Project's book sales are held at our warehouse at 2000-B Capital Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. Check this website for upcoming sales.

  • Over 90,000 good used books will be available
  • The B.I.G. project has sent over 7 million books to developing countries and profits from this sale will go toward covering future shipping costs.


Contacting Books for International Goodwill
Telephone: 443-219-6778

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